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Automated email flows
Email has evolved and with platforms such as Klaviyo, Dotdigital, Ometria and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, automation is now more sophisticated than ever. Creating timely, personalised and hyper-relevant emails are a must for all email marketing strategies. We’ll assess your current database and determine which platform and flows work best for you.
Campaign management
Our inboxes are filled with newsletters from our favourite brands, so how do you make sure your weekly newsletter stands out from the rest? We’ll take a deep dive into your campaign strategy and look at everything from subject lines through to content and call to actions within the body of your emails.

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 Why people choose us
Database management
Having a large database is great, having a large database that doesn’t engage or convert – not so great. Segmented emails have a 100.95% higher click through rate than non segmented emails. We will manage your lists and segment your database according to email content and user behavioural actions to get the best possible conversion rates.
ESP migrations
When migrating email platforms i.e Mailchimp to Klaviyo, your sender reputation starts again. Because of this, an infrastructure warm up is imperative to ensure that ISP’s like Gmail and Outlook see you as a safe sender. Each infrastructure warm up varies depending on the size of your database and how engaged it is, but generally we see successful warm ups within 4 weeks.

How we make your email work harder for you...​

We’ll look at your current database, open rates, and unsubscribe rates, then clean your lists for optimum deliverability. This process becomes more in-depth if you are migrating ESP’s as we need to make sure your lists are segmented to gradually warm up your new email infrastructure which ultimately determines your deliverability score with ISP’s like Outlook, Gmail etc and marks you as a safe sender.

Once we know how your current database is interacting with email and what your pain points are, we can then determine what types of flows and campaigns will be most effective to achieve your goals. We work with your teams throughout set-up phases to make sure all emails are tested and perfect before they are set live.

Once flows and campaigns are set live, our support doesn’t stop there. We’ll work with your in-house teams to set-up dashboard reporting, split test campaigns and flows, work with your designers on improving email templates and constantly be re-strategising your email marketing plans to ensure maximum conversion rates and ROI.


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