Integrated Search

Integrated Search

Joined up digital marketing, the way it should Honest & measurable PPC that will drive you new customers.
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With 1000+ different optimisation strategies on Google Ads online, there’s no shortage of options for delivering more ROI for your spend. But what works for one brand, may not work for you. We take time to integrate with your business, understand your product, customer segments and their buying behaviours.
integerated search
Higher PPC ROI
On average, our clients have seen avg. CPCs drop [36]% through integrated search meaning you get more clicks for your ads budget. This is achieved through optimising ad destinations through traditional SEO & on-site optimisation techniques to improve quality scores.
Full Customer Journey Coverage
Nowadays retailers have to be visible not only at the critical purchase stage but also at the early product research stages (and everything in between). Integrated campaigns with cross-functional data & reporting means using the right search verticals for the right keyword at the right time across the customer journey.

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A Truer Picture of Search Engine Visibility
Thanks to the recent developments in Google Search Console and Google Data Studio, retailers now have the ability to blend paid and organic keyword-level data to understand how visible they are and how much that visibility is costing them. This data fuels an agile approach to SEO and PPC, leading to better results.

Your roadmap to cost-effective Integrated Search campaigns...​

One central keyword list informs SEO & PPC teams (no doubling up on keyword research). Regularly updated with organic rankings, click costs, and newly discovered keywords, we use this proprietary report to pinpoint the next big optimisation opportunities for each channel.
Great for sites with lots of products or content, an integrated approach means meta data, website copy and ad copy is a shared responsibility so that all specialists are working towards a unified goal of optimising as much of the site in as little time as possible meaning less set up time, more optimising (and quicker results).
Underperforming areas are addressed with the right channel(s). An increased focus with SEO on expensive and costly keywords, an increased focus with PPC on competitive, unranking keywords are just the start.
Growing out & testing keywords with PPC test campaigns, improving quality scores with SEO and pruning back ROI-draining keywords are all part of the Integrated Search approach to enhance each individual search channel.

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