The app development process require features, functionalities and technology of the business. Complexity and the cost of building of the app is necessary for the accepting of app by app store.

Pro: Improve the Capabilities of your Mobile App

App capabilities can be expanded by inserting Geolocation.

  • Navigation;
  • Checking in at a location;
  • Updating a status;
  • Finding local deals;
  • Targeted advertising based on proximity;
  • Interactive AR experiences that utilize the surroundings;
  • Requesting, tracking and fulfilling orders;
  • Rideshare services;
  • Tracking the location of family and friends;
  • Monitoring local weather;
  • Recommendations and reviewing services

Con: Market Saturation for Location Apps

It is difficult to compete with those app which are dominating in industries. Popular app must have primacy, name recognition, user reviews, and multiple rounds of updates.

For improving effort one should concentrate in the following question:

  • Is there a service that is currently missing in this app category?
  • What new feature could my app provide?
  • What would make users want to choose my app over those currently available?
  • Could I improve upon an already existing idea?

Pro: Provides Businesses with User Insight

Location data helps to do that. This is based on how the app is marketed.

Con: Access to Sensitive User Information

It is important to know that what information should disclosed or not. Sensitive information may be misused by someone.

The following things should keep in mind to prevent leakage such information-

1. Don’t Store Location Data

Never store location data. The geolocation information helps to handle it.

2. Encrypt User’s Location Data

The Users information need to be encrypted to prevent tracking.

Location Features: To Implement or Not?

This information helps to evaluate business with location features. 7T specialize in custom software development, data governance and system integration to develop customers business.

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