Software Architecture Principles

Software Architecture has been very important in IT and software development in general. Due to this architecture they manage business, helps an accurate and clear communication between the rest of the members and software developers in a web app and mobile app.

What is Software Architecture?

Software Architecture is a set of system structures, composed by elements (objects, threads, logical and physical entities, classes, components, etc.) with visible properties of an external way and the existing relations between them.

Key Design Principles

· Your application should separate into distinct section.

· Each component should charge for specific section.

· The components should not know about internal system.

· 3 Software Development principles: KISS, YAGNI and DRY

5 Key principles Design Considerations

1. Application Type- Choose proper application type.

2. Deployment Strategy- Your applications should be supported by a variety of environments.

3. Appropriate Technologies- The technologies which you choose that will be based on organization policies, infrastructure limitations, resource skills, and so on.

4. Quality Attributes- Quality attributes, for instance security, usability and performance, can be used to focus on critical problems that design should solve.

5. Crosscutting Concerns- It represent key areas of a design that are not related to a specific layer in your application.

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