The best marketing strategies & best practices for Twitter to use in 2021

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The marketing world is a very dynamic field in which marketers are constantly battling for a bigger “piece of the pie.” We focused on the best Twitter marketing strategies in this article to increase followers and get more from your social media account for the company. It is no surprise that as the use of social media grows in every aspect of our lives, it is becoming more important and influential to market through those platforms. New marketing instruments and techniques are constantly emerging, and content marketing is estimated to be a $400 billion industry by 2021, according to research.

Best Business Twitter Marketing Strategies

Twitter, however, responded quickly and implemented many changes that improved the social platform’s situation. They addressed the problem of bullying and fake news, which for Twitter is a very good situation.

For every brand out there, this still makes the platform important and a valuable marketing tool. There are some marketing strategies that can be used specifically to promote a product and communicate with customers on Twitter.

Twitter will show you personalized funny tweets | Engadget
  1. In your tweets, use humor

Brands that use humor in their tweets are retweeted by a lot more people than others and followed by them. This is because using humor as a brand’s voice makes individuals happy to re-visit the page and share the news with their friends. Examples of brands practicing this approach are:

Wendy’s fast food chain; they use sarcastic comments while responding to their clients, who are responsible for a lot of retweets. Netflix, the mega-popular streaming service, uses clips from their original series and creates inside jokes. Spirit Airlines often makes light jokes on their Twitter account and turns stressful situations in a positive direction.

2. Keep up the visuals and creativity

Try to be as creative as you can, while giving your clients personal responses as much as you can at the same time. It can really influence the reviews to get creative with the quality of your tweets and the visuals. Having all tweets in the same format could get too repetitive. In your tweets, using graphics makes people three times more likely to participate.

3. Keep it tailored

When it comes to Twitter, consumers want customized answers. People want to be heard and are happy when they realize that they are being listened to by the organization. While a portion of customers who are only fishing for reimbursement will still be there, most loyal customers have legitimate grievances. What these people need is an indication from the company that someone is listening to the concerns in question and working on them. Twitter provides the ability to send consumers a customized response. You can also solve problems much easier in this manner, which is why this is the chosen medium for many important brands to connect with the consumer base. The following story about Morton’s Steakhouse and Peter Shankman was one example of a great customized response that gained a lot of attention.

4. Correctly use hashtags

We all understand how powerful hashtags are in making a fuss over a certain subject or happening. Hashtags are sometimes used in the wrong way, causing this technique to fail. If you are planning to use hashtags in the Twitter strategy of your company, make sure you do it the proper way. In order to place the emphasis on something important, you can only hashtag keywords or short phrases.

When a customer clicks on a hashtag, they can see other tweets that have the word hashtagged. They can be used in a tweet anywhere, and if you are imaginative and the Twitter community is lit up by your hashtag, it will be seen in Trending Topics.

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