The work doesn’t stop once your new website has been launched—it’s essential for the smooth running of your site to have a support contract. With the help of comprehensive 24-hour support services, we can maintain the complete health of your website and ensure you’re offering the best possible user experiences to your customers. We have a team of digital specialists with years of experience, so you can rely on our support and maintenance services to safeguard the success of your website.
Website support and maintenance

Keeping your website running at peak performance with our website support services

The in-house digital support experts at Whizzystack are always on hand to offer website support services whenever they’re required. We work in a proactive way to solve potential issues before they even happen, avoiding interruptions to your business.

What is website maintenance?

So, what is website maintenance and what does it include? Put simply, we offer your business regular support and maintenance services that ensure your website is always running at peak performance.

Our in-house digital support specialists implement the latest software updates, new tools and features to help ensure excellent user experiences across the board.

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 Why people choose us

Proactive Support

We do all we can to protect your website, with hardware and software, but we acknowledge that very occasionally things can go wrong. The philosophy of our website support services is to actively pre-empt and prevent any issues that could potentially disrupt or impede your business. We also understand that faster page-load times, easier navigability and more intuitive user interfaces all add to ongoing, positive user experiences. That’s why, with our website maintenance packages, we’re always looking for ways to improve user experiences and not just react to problems.

Security Management

The security of your website cannot be underestimated – and this is why website maintenance services are crucial. In the first instance we build secure, resilient websites, protecting your business and users against malware, fraud and theft. Then we continue the hard work with our website support services once your website is live. We carry out vulnerability monitoring and implement the latest security updates. This means reassurance for you, adding to the security credibility and reputation of your website and brand.

Website Support & Maintenance Services

Our website maintenance services offer post-launch support which helps to build solid, positive and long-lasting relationships with our clients. From putting together a contract that suits your needs, to carrying out regular maintenance to keep your website in great shape, you can count on Whizzystack.

To offer our clients peace of mind, we put together website support and maintenance contracts to offer you full transparency – and this doesn’t just stop after the design and development process. Whether it’s optimisation strategies, adding new features, updates, hosting and scaling, we always keep you in the loop with ongoing work, costs and training.
Of course, we’ll work together to create a service level agreement for your website maintenance package – this will ensure you know what to expect each month. You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will offer regular updates and developments. These will be communicated via a tried and trusted project management application such as Teamwork or Basecamp.
We offer bespoke website maintenance packages to suit the exact requirements of your business. Whichever package we provide, you can trust our website support services to be fast and reliable. Even with spikes in traffic, our use of multiple data centres ensures that your website can cope with peaks in user activity. We have developed a hot disaster recovery strategy. This means that, in the unlikely event that your servers go down, your business will be up and running again in a matter of minutes, served from an alternative data centre.
With our website maintenance services, our in-house team of optimisation specialists will offer advice and recommendations about how to increase efficiency and productivity. Our highly experienced auditing, SEO and CRO teams identify areas that can be optimised to enhance performance. A pro-active and collaborative approach to post-launch support helps us build solid, positive and long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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