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Pimcore is a market-leading open source platform providing a solid foundation for a variety of web applications, enabling rapid development and faster time-to-market.Our expert web development team has extensive experience working with Pimcore. With Pimcore’s flexible CMS and fantastic integration capabilities, our specialists can create unique, powerful and visually captivating websites to showcase your business and brand.

"The biggest impact to me as a Marketing Manager is that I feel that our Whizzystack Account Rep is litteraly part of our marketing team. He is aknowledgable, experienced, a good communciator , and he cares. He continually exceeds my expectations of what a business partner is."

– Keystone Koating


Pimcore is open source, which delivers flexibility and adaptability, so your website can evolve with your business and brand​

As Pimcore is open source, this provides the flexible scope needed to allow your website to advance alongside your business. This consolidated digital platform offers powerful customisation capabilities which create compelling digital user experiences. As a result, the brands we work with can create positive, impactful experiences for their audiences.

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Our PIMCORE Development Services

Our team of experts create stunning websites for a broad range of clients from a plethora of industries. While every single site we create is bespoke to suit the requirements of each business exactly – the common denominator is always the focus on unrivalled user experience. By designing and developing clear, functional, intuitive and visually captivating websites, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Designing + building a site is like playing with LEGOs in the digital space.

Pond Universe commented, “We are seeing the ROI that Whizzystack said they could deliver related to UX Development and our ecommerce site.”

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Pimcore Key Features

Pimcore is an exciting design and development platform as it’s highly extendable and can be tailored to fit immediate business requirements. It offers options to grow and evolve with market and audiences.

Cross-platform and channel agnostic with integrated marketing tools, Pimcore optimises user engagement and brand projection and has a range of key features.

From the development phase to using the CMS and maintaining your website, the Pimcore platform is incredibly easy to use.
The integration capabilities of Pimcore means your business’s marketing process is consolidated, ensuring optimal efficiency when getting your message across to customers.
Our Pimcore development specialists can create personalised experiences for your audience – a Pimcore eCommerce site will scale alongside your business.
A key aspect of your open source Pimcore CMS is that you can publish across multiple marketing channels with ease.
This platform allows you to seamlessly take control of your data integration.
Pimcore’s workflow engine helps businesses to easily define processes.
Control your website in one single suite with Pimcore – from digital commerce to your CMS and PIM.
Scale your business into new markets with the help of Pimcore’s multiple language options.
It’s essential for business websites to be mobile first – Pimcore provides development experts with the capability to ensure audiences will be engaged across multiple platforms.
The open source Pimcore platform is a powerful option for both B2C and B2B brands.
Control your products centrally and seamlessly with Pimcore’s product information management software.
Pimcore allows for confident implementation in any domain, style, structure or industry.
Your business will benefit from the delivery of clean, high-quality and trustworthy data from Pimcore.
Link and align all your critical data to one easy-to-manage file.
Benefit from an extensive suite of SEO tools that can help you to optimise everything on your Pimcore site and make it easy for your audience to find you.
With Pimcore’s database publishing module, businesses can create full product catalogues without the use of specialist desktop publishing software.

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