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Search engine optimization
Google expects you to ‘end the search’
Google rewards websites designed for the customer, not to manipulate the search engine. All good SEO starts with a solid understanding of what a customer wants, their pain points, and what will answer their query. You then also need to consider brand affinity and a seamless website UX. We don’t just aim for rank 1 on Google, we look at which pages, keywords, products & customer segments are most profitable, and ensure our SEO is tailored to deliver not just visibility, but a business return.
search engine optimization 
Baking-in the technical SEO
Even the most well-built websites accumulate errors over time. Our technical SEO audits are designed to spot any issues to rectify them before they have any detrimental impact and ensure your website is in fully working order ready to attract and convert more traffic. We work with your developer to implement the fixes
Keyword mapping & targeting strategy
Without understanding what your customers are searching for and how they’re doing so, you’d be working blind. We therefore take a deep dive into what keywords are currently driving traffic to your website, what queries your customers are asking online and what terms your competitors are optimised for. From there, we can plan out how to boost your visibility for the target organic keywords that are actively going to drive the most business impact.

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ESP migrations
When migrating email platforms i.e Mailchimp to Klaviyo, your sender reputation starts again. Because of this, an infrastructure warm up is imperative to ensure that ISP’s like Gmail and Outlook see you as a safe sender. Each infrastructure warm up varies depending on the size of your database and how engaged it is, but generally we see successful warm ups within 4 weeks.
On-site SEO content optimisations
Once we have an understanding of which keywords are likely to attract the most quality traffic to your website, it’s time to start incorporating them into the most relevant pages. On a priority page-by-page basis, we provide optimisation suggestions for your headings, copy, image alternative tags and any other elements that could help boost rankings.

Step-by-step guide to organic search growth ​

Ensuring your website is trusted and secure is essential to your search visibility. Through a number of different elements, including SSL certificates, social proof and affiliated associations or memberships, customers and search engines can feel more comfortable that your website is secure.
Great pieces of content can be promoted through other external websites, which helps to build your credibility and authority in the eyes of both search engines and users. The more quality, relevant links you can achieve, the more reputable you’ll be seen to be.
A strong technical foundation will ensure your website is easily crawlable, but also so that users have a positive experience. Page load speed, mobile usability, schema mark-up and indexation are just a few important factors to be considered here.
As search engines have become more sophisticated in the way they assess websites, improving user experience and boosting conversion rate are key components to our SEO strategies. The longer you can keep users on your website, the more positive effects you’ll benefit from.
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