Digital Transformation

Ensuring your brand is equipped for the digital economy now and in the future. Research, strategy, consultation and implementation to help you become more digital-first.
Become digital-first to capture the increased demand online
We have been spending more time online consistently since the internet began. With COVID-19 shaking things up, it’s likely this growth will continue increase for years to come. People are becoming more comfortable behind a computer or their mobile phone, communicating and making their next purchase. Brands need to ensure their eCommerce offering, CRM systems and overall digital experience is inline with what their customers expect and what their competitors offer. At Reload we can help identify your areas of opportunity, consult on your technology stack and help craft your omnichannel experience.
Digital Transformation
Customer Journey Mapping
From awareness right through to loyalty, we also consider the customer funnel with every digital strategy. Through facilitating extensive workshops to help better understand your customer, we explore how they think, feel and behave at every step. This then helps us to identify your areas of opportunity and any gaps that need to be filled.
Customer Loyalty & Referral Programmes
On average 40% of an eCommerce store’s revenue is created by only 8% of its loyal customers, You’ve worked hard to build your brand and generate sales so investing in nurture tactics is a no brainer. We’ve helped brands devise and come up with loyalty and referral programmes that work for them. Based upon pricing modelling and competitor research, we’re able to help strategise a programme that’s both profitable and competitive.

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eCommerce Strategy & Consultancy
We’ve worked with countless eCommerce brands and have a depth of experience as to what helps customers come through the door and keep coming back. We’ve even developed our own eCommerce framework, that our team can use to help shape your business. Whether it’s how to better use your CRM and owned data, or a look at your promotions, or how to better sell your products online through virtual experiences, we will help shape your eCommerce strategy.
Website Strategy & Scoping
From your information architecture and navigation, to the design and functionality, to your technology stack, Reload can help assist your development team on ensuring your website is able to succeed in your market. Backed by data of your current performance and a review of the competitive landscape, we’ll put together a blueprint for development.

Whizzystack's Digital Transformation Process...​

With all strategic consultancy tactics it is important we understand exactly what you are looking to achieve. That’s why we take the time to truly understand your business and what equals success for you, allowing us to execute a plan that is customised for your needs.
Any digital transformation projects need to consider your customer first. We therefore begin with a workshop to map your customer journey and identify customer experience gaps and improvements.
Digital transformation can mean big investments, which may need approval from your board or investors as well as other departments. Making sure you’re equipped with business cases to help with buy-in from the start is important.

Taking stock of where you currently sit within your industry is important, as well as who do you have to fight against. Understanding what platforms, technology stack and offering is out there, can help shape what you need to deliver to your customers.

Based on all inputs, we’ll collaboratively put together your digital strategy and an implementation plan that achieves your business goals. This will likely take time, so we’ll put together a roadmap for roll-out. But this will likely need to be evaluated and evolved overtime too, as we know digital doesn’t stand-still.

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Designing + building a site is like playing with LEGOs in the digital space.

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