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Shopify Development

Shopify provides businesses access to a cloud-based, fully-hosted, established and effective eCommerce platform. We build, maintain, migrate and develop Shopify eCommerce websites for optimum performance and sales. As a global, ever-evolving platform, Shopify is constantly changing and developing, and we’re here to keep your business at the forefront of those developments, providing the latest tools and insights.
shopify development

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a world-renowned cloud-based eCommerce platform, with Shopify Plus offering a credible platform for enterprise retailers.

Shopify allows businesses to create online shops backed by powerful tools, high level security and excellent functionalit

Our Shopify eCommerce design and development specialists get and keep your site running to the highest standards.

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Why use Shopify?

Shopify is a powerful omnichannel eCommerce platform, meaning it allows customers to buy from your business in multiple ways and always have the same high level experience.

It has an 8% share of the global eCommerce market and is used by more than one million businesses worldwide.

Shopify is versatile, offering eCommerce businesses of all sizes a solid solution with the scalability for flexible growth and diversification.

As a cloud (SaaS) platform, Shopify is manageable from any connected location. For more intuitive omnichannel experiences, Shopify integrates seamlessly with a variety of APIs such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy, potentially opening up huge additional routes to market.

Whizzystack & Shopify: Why Choose Us?

We are a highly experienced Shopify developer.

Our in-house team of specialists create reliable and secure Shopify solutions that are the perfect fit for small to medium sized eCommerce businesses and enterprise level retailers.

eCommerce markets are dynamic and often overcrowded. Staying competitive requires ongoing website support.

It’s important to us to provide pro-active support in this area, so we can keep you clued-in to the latest Shopify web development trends, tools and updates, helping your business stay ahead of the pack.

We ensure that Shopify sites not only benefit from built in SEO benefits but also our on and off page SEO expertise and fully integrate into your wider eCommerce website design.


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SHOPIFY: Key Features

Providing efficiency, security and reliability
Just as effective for business-to-business transactions as it is for business-to-consumer
Enables the sale of digital products, such as ebooks and downloads, as well as tangible ones
To allow you to sell third-party products with ease
Benefit from built-in search engine optimisation
Benefit from all the tried and tested systems of a global business
Giving your customers confidence in the authenticity and security of your website
To enable you to keep track of your business and grow
Enables a consistent experience for the customer regardless of where their transaction begins
Ensuring your eCommerce business is compatible with all devices
Allowing you to keep track of products and sales
So that you don’t miss out on sales wherever your customers are
The option to easily create professional gift vouchers for your eCommerce business
Maximising sales opportunities
Ensuring you are equipped to take payments from all payment methods
Speak to your customers wherever they are

Shopify E-Commerce Frequently Asked Question

It’s important to understand which eCommerce platform is the best option for your business. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of Shopify eCommerce questions to help.

As with most websites, Shopify websites can be developed very cheaply as a do-it-yourself project. Costs for developing a professional Shopify eCommerce website design depend on specific requirements. In addition, Shopify charges a regular subscription fee to allow businesses access to its service. Charges vary depending on the service level required. Shopify also takes a commission of up to about 2% on each item sold.
Shopify is designed to allow anyone to set up a store, but ensuring it is the best it can be for your brand – and delivers to its potential – requires expert input. There’s no replacement for expertise and experience and hiring a professional enables you to do what you do best within your business, and for someone else to focus on the task of making use of the latest tools and insights for your eCommerce store.
Yes they are, and that’s one of the attractions of Shopify. It’s possible to tap into all the seamless efficiencies of its eCommerce structures whilst maintaining the integrity of your brand.

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