What Are Global Virtual Teams?

According to a Gallup poll, 43 percent of Americans worked part time from any location across the world. Thus the working skill of this people increase. Now peoples across the world follow the methodology for increasing their skill working as a virtual team.

What Are the Pros & Cons of Virtual Teams?

1. Accessibility to global talent: The organization should hire actually talented people across the world beyond any nation.

2. Reduced time to market: The organization can profit 24 hours by hiring people from various country.

3. Lower employee costs: The organization can get talented people from different countries without any living cost.

4. Increased productivity: Flexible working process can increase 13% productivity according to Stanford University.

Disadvantages of Virtual Team

1. Cost of technology: The organization need to have advance technology for communication.

2. Team conflicts: Very less opportunity for traditional employees.

3. Social isolation: An employee can feel socially isolated because it is an off bit jobs.

How to Successfully Leverage & Manage Global Virtual Teams

1. Build an excellent staff: Staffs including highly talented people can manage any problems.

2. Assign clear roles: Everyone should know about their job duties and understand the duties of fellow members.

3. Foster trust: Team members should trust each other and build a confidence communication

4. Design an iterative workflow: The organization should design a regular workflow and assign package for whole team member.

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