What Can You Do to Protect Your IP Rights When Outsourcing?

Every business has its unique attributes, including staff size, in-house skill set, and degree of experience with software development. If any of these helps to attain the goal of the business is known as Intellectual Properties or IP.

It create intelligence or reason which is protected by law from unauthorized use.

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights

· Review the US Patent and Trademark Office’s regulations for protecting IP rights.

· Appoint a technology officer or member for advising on legal issues.

· Take suggestion from team member.

· Check the International IP Index and the Country IPR Toolkits for the IP protection rules and regulations

Creating a Non-Disclosure Agreement

At the time of hiring employees they will need to sign NDA ( Non Discloser Agreement).

Additional Ways to Protect Your IP In-House and over the Internet

Additional measurements for preventing the accidental sharing of confidential information include:

  • Limiting the number of people on the outsourcing team to whom mission-critical information should disclosed.
  • Ensuring there is a protected communication pathway between your company and your outsourcing partner
  • Establishing firewalls, encryption, and VPN services for preventing online security breaches
  • Protecting source codes and appointing copies of the originals should kept towards such number of staffs.
  • Understanding and maintaining IP protection standards for both countries as necessary
  • Routinely checking of challenges with open source software that you and your partner may be using.

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