What Is a CTO and responsibilities?

CTO stands for “Chief Technology Officer” and its meaning is an acronym. They are doing the following activities like:

i) Oversee and lead the technological

ii) Scientific initiatives

iii) Overcome challenges within their company.

What Does a CTO Do and what are their responsibilities?

The responsibilities of CTO are as follows:

1. Development project management- They are employed for managing deadlines, delegating tasks, and creating project roadmaps. The qualified CTO have to work on complex projects.

2. Technology strategy- Focusing on the digital transformation CTO must be most efficient in IT platforms and employing agile, lean development practices.

3. Business strategy- One of the CTO’s job is to guide the CEO and their stakeholders.

4. Human resources management- For effective team work CTO need to train their IT professional.

5. Product evangelism- A CTO is the premier product expert and a public face for the company.

Should CTOs Know How to Code?

CTOs need to justify that technologies must work for the business requirement. They need not to code on daily basis, but should need to know cade for business development.

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