Planning is important for any kind of business. Utilizing frameworks is necessary for business requirement.

What Is Cloud Adoption?

The cloud adoption is the process by which organizations pick up and move shop from physically to collect data for digital cloud storage services platform.

What Are Cloud Adoption Framework Stages & Perspectives?

There are five stages for implementation-


One need to skills, needs, and gaps for completing the training, staffing and organizational changes. This is responsibility comes with moving to the cloud.


Cloud service is not for free. Budget is important for cloud implementation.


Technology should be chosen carefully, it should follow a baseline.


One should secure the cloud and carefully handle the data.


One should understand the people working with the cloud and need to understand the motive. So that proper planning could be done for them.


Proper architecture should be known for structural designing of cloud.

Implementation & Adoption

One should contribute about the implementation and adaptation of the company policy.

Improvement and Innovation

The success of any organisation lies on the continuous improvement and development of their staff’s capabilities.


Cloud computing adoption framework is very effective for growth of the business. One should keep the above points in mind to implements these facility.

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