Leverage PR to grow your eCommerce brand

Irrespective of the size and scale of a company, a business leader understands the importance of managing good rapport with public.

A local convenience retailer as well as a multinational conglomerate appreciates the essentialities of healthy relationship between your business and customers for long-term growth. PR (Public Relations) are considered as one of the most effective ways to build this relationship. If a business is communicating with its audience it is remit of PR. it employs an entire team of expert publicists or has a self-managed social media page use

What exactly is PR and why is it so powerful?

PR helps to manage brand reputation, craft attention-grabbing messages and turn your data into stories which resonates with your audience. A good PR have an analyst’s mind and raconteur’s heart suitable for a right blend of data and emotions.

An example: How Burger King used Covid-19 pandemic to build brand reputation. So how does this translate to the world of e-Commerce and why should e-Comm managers be incorporating PR into their wider strategy?

Organic PR can make your Paid efforts far more cost effective

In today’s market, an excellent product can’t entice a discerning and well-informed modern consumer to part with their hard-earned cash. This is where PR play its role. A good PR practitioner cultivate opinions, control narratives, and influence behaviour which filter through to every element of your business. A strong brand reputation, cultivated through PR activity remind your target customers of all the reasons for your brand being the best option. This combination of data and emotive messaging can target the key influencing factors for purchasing decision: the logical need for the product and the emotive desire for it. Solid PR drive potential customers towards a purchase-ready mindset and reduce cost of securing the conversion. PR might be a slow burn, but seeing its long-term value it is a most cost-effective ways to convert a prospect to loyal customer.

PR adds authority, trust and authenticity

Behavioural psychology considers Social Proof as the most influential factors behind purchase decision-making.  It is a psychological and social phenomenon whereby people imitate the behaviour of trustworthy people.. Social Proof is backbone of PR and can be designed to persuade influencer who have a hold over a select audience. Social Proof helps an eCom brand to add authority, credibility, and trust to their message.. PR’s can utilise compelling storytelling to turn organization’s brand missions into a powerful customer’s value-based narrative. A PR not only persuade customers to part with their money but also create brand values, drive brand culture and boost brand advocacy. This helps eCom managers to create one powerful narrative through every brand touch-point.

PR effectively enhance SEO rankings

It will be not wrong to say PR professionals and SEO experts actually have same job but different tools. Both recognise and build key relationships with relevant industry authorities i.e. PR’s this may be leading journalists and influencers, for SEO pros, it’s Google and algorithms. Same job, different tools. It will be sensible to integrate these channels. PR’s can work hard to secure strong, authentic backlinks, through hard-earned stakeholder relationships, while SEO teams ensure visibility of key messages and drive traffic where you want it to go.

PR will kick in if things go wrong

It’s all well and good when business is booming and brand advocacy is high, but what happens when something goes wrong, and you start getting difficult questions you aren’t in a position to answer? This is where PR can make or break a brand..A good PR constantly play devil’s advocate, asking the tough questions and preparing for the worst. That often allows them to provide an impartial take and keep a cool head when others are losing theirs. Their job is to consider the scale of the crisis and put together a detailed action plan which protects the brand’s most important asset; its reputation.

Final thoughts and takeaways

A holistic marketing is always be the best option and engage customers through multiple touchpoints.

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