Use Online Listening for Competitive Research

Conducting primary market research and audience research, and purchasing secondary studies are fundamental ways communicators inform and align their efforts to produce relevant results. Obvious. While amazingly helpful and unquestionably valuable, beyond simple surveys, the downside is that this type of research is often expensive and time consuming to produce.

9 Blog Failures and Remedies

No question that blog publishing is a do-it-yourselfers paradise. Especially with WordPress, only a modicum of technical competency is enough to set up and run a credible blog.

However, if your blog is integral to your business I suggest working with people that specialize in blog design and development. I’m working with Unique Blog Designs, whose designs for Ted Murphy, Shoemoney and others I liked a lot.

6 Types of Social Media Ads For Solid Results

We can all agree that an organic social media strategy is great, mainly for its cost advantage. But it also takes a lot of manpower and time to get your content in front of the right eyes.Investing in different types of social media ads guarantees faster results.

However, as the field of digital marketing grows, choosing the best paid social media ad for your business can get confusing.