Node 12 – What Are The New Improvements And Features?

Node improved support for ECMAScript modules.

Node 12 New Features

It include faster startup and better default heap limits, updates to V8, llhttp, TLS, new features including diagnostic report, bundled heap dump capability and updates to Worker Threads, N-API and ES6 module support and more let’s check what’s new in Node js 12.

The new feature are-

  • V8 Engine Updated to V8 7.4- It has updates for faster JavaScript execution, better memory management, and broadened ECMAScript syntax support.

Major Features of V8 version 7.4-

JIT-less V8

WebAssembly Threads/Atomics shipped

Faster calls with arguments mismatch

Check out More of the v8.7.4 New Features Below:

  • Improved native accessor performance
  • Parser performance
  • Bytecode flushing in memory
  • Bytecode dead basic block elimination
  • JavaScript language features include Private class fields
  • Hashbang grammar
  • V8 API

ES6 Module Support

It import/export syntax for developers in ES6, and the Node team.

Private Class Fields

Node V 12 accessed externally receive a syntax error and private class field

Improved Startup Performance

Node.js 12 updated ES6 modules which gives 30% speedup

New compiler and platform minimums

Node 12 takes full benefit of compiler. The codebase required GCC 6 and glibc 2.17.

TLS 1.3 and Security

It added TLS 1.3 support and reduce the time required for the HTTPS handshake.

Heap Dump

Node.js 12 brings advanced heap dump.

Native Modules N-API Improvements

Node VMs – allowing N-API different versions.

Diagnostic Reports

Node.js 12 includes an experimental feature named after Diagnostic report


v 12 Node.js Development process include Python 3 support, improving startup performance.

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