Blockchain has been the talk of town for quite some time now, it is one of the hottest and fastest growing technology in the IT industry today. If you have been following investing, banking or cryptocurrency in the course of the most recent ten years, you might be acquainted with the term “Blockchain”, the record keeping innovation behind the Bitcoin network.

Many experts believe that, Blockchain is the most significant innovation on the internet since the internet. This technology has already been the talk of the tech world. Even though it is an intricate technology, most people and association have started adopting blockchain considering numerous advantages it offers to the business today. Aside from the financial sector, it has increased a great deal of consideration in different ventures also.

Before moving further, let us first understand What is Blockchain Technology, its significance, its impact and decentralization.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is defined as:

“The Blockchain technology is a decentralized record that tracks exchanges that happens over a distributed system. This innovation permits members from over the system to affirm their exchange without the requirement for a central authority, this incorporates cash exchanges, casting vote, and trade settling and many more.”

In the context when we talk about “Block” and “chain”, we are referring to the computerized data (the “Block”) that is stored in a public database (“the chain”).

How it works?

If someone demands for a transaction, this transaction is then communicated to a P2P arrange that comprises of PCs which are known as nodes. The purpose of these nodes is to approve the transaction and the status of the client using algorithms. Now, this validated transaction can include either cryptocurrency, records, transactions or any sort of other data. This confirmed transaction is then joined with the other different transaction that make another block of data. Now, to the existing blockchain this block of data is added. This Blockchain cannot be changed and it is permanent.

Importance and Application

Indeed, when it comes to the latest technology, it’s certain that nobody wants to fall behind the competitors. Blockchain has been the talk of town, and most organizations are moving towards it to improve their plan of action, installment techniques and distributed storage and so forth.

The importance of Blockchain


Information breach and data stealing is one of the major concerns while operating in the digital world. Through Blockchain technology, the data stored has robust security which makes it impossible for one to hack.


Blockchain is less costly than most of the traditional financial model available in the market.

Less time for transaction

The burden of waiting for hours by an individual for sending, receiving money and confidential documents is eliminated as with blockchain the transaction only takes aa couple of minutes.


There are very limited chances of any kind of discrepancy as everything is displayed on the network.

Increased Financial efficiency

Through decentralized blockchain one can make transaction from one individual to another without the involvement of a third party. So, unlike traditional banks this helps to save a lot of money.

Prevention of fraud

It is very easy to detect fraud as the Blockchain is open source ledgers, which facilitate in identification of forgery since record of every transaction is present.

Application of Blockchain

Banking Sector

The benefits from integrating Blockchain into the business operation is best used by the Banking sector more than any other industry. The shortcomings of operating only on the business hours is eliminated by Blockchain, regardless of the time or the day of week of the transaction it only takes as little as ten minutes for a customer to see their transaction processed.

Also, the exchange of funds between institutions is made secure and quick through Blockchain.


Healthcare service providers can use Blockchain to safely to store their patients’ clinical records. At the point when a clinical record is created and marked, it tends to be composed into the Blockchain, which furnishes patients with the confirmation and certainty that the record can’t be changed.

These individual health record could be encoded and stored on the blockchain with a private key, so they are just accessed by specific people, in this way guaranteeing protection.

Property record

A lot of paperwork and records required for buying and selling of land, the process is costly as well as its time consuming with a chance of human error. Blockchain makes this process much simpler and easier.

There is no need for scanning documents and tracking of physical files in a recording office, the information regarding the property ownership is recorded and verified on the blockchain.

Smart contracts

A smart contract is a computer code that can be incorporated with the blockchain to facilitate, check or negotiate an agreement. Smart Contracts work under a set of condition that client agree to. At the point those conditions are met, the terms of the contract agreement are consequently carried out.


Casting a vote with Blockchain has the potential to eliminate fraud in election and lift voter turnout, as was tried in West Virginia, in Nov. 2018 midterm election. Each vote would be put away as a block in the blockchain, making them almost difficult to mess with. The blockchain convention would likewise keep up transparency in the constituent procedure, diminishing the work force expected to conduct an election and give the authorities results instantly.


While there are many upsides to the blockchain, there are additionally critical difficulties to its reception. The barriers to the use of blockchain technology today are not just technical. The genuine difficulties are political and administrative, and the large number of hours required for custom programming plan and back-end programming to coordinate blockchain to current business systems. The other shortcomings include technology cost required for operation, central bank concerns regarding the validation of cryptocurrency etc.

Road ahead

With the utilization of technology, there is so much that we can achieve together. But it is also important to not overlook that people are the at the focal point, all things considered.

Proposed in 1991 as a research project, blockchain is serenely subsiding into its late twenties. Like most recent college grads at its age, blockchain has seen a considerable amount of open examination in the course of the most recent two decade, with organisation around the globe theorizing about what the technology is prepared to do and where it’s going in the years to come.

With the numerous functional applications for the innovation previously being executed and investigated, blockchain is at long last becoming well known at age twenty-seven, in no little part in view of bitcoin and digital currency. As a trendy expression on the tongue of each financial specialist in the country, blockchain stands to make business and government tasks progressively exact, proficient and secure.

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This article is written by Kalyani BSc Maths student from Delhi University.

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