Visual Studio Code could be a free, cross-platform text editor developed by Microsoft. It’s quickly changing into a crowd favorite because of its glorious performance and therefore the exuberant quantity of options it offers.

Just like most day, VSCode has AN extension marketplace containing thousands of plugins with varied quality. To assist you decide out that value downloading, we have a tendency to create this assortment of the extensions we have a tendency to found most helpful and fun.


VSCode does not supply any inbuilt interface for gap files directly within the browser. This extension adds a Open With Default Browser item to the discourse menu, likewise as command palette choices for gap in an exceedingly consumer of your selection (Firefox, Chrome, IE).


Quokka may be a debugging tool that offers live feedback on the code you’re writing. It shows you previews of the results of functions and calculated values for variables. The extension is straightforward to tack and works out of the box with JSX or matter comes.


Quickly insert placeholder knowledge mistreatment the popular cheat JavaScript library. you’ll generate random names, addresses, images, phone numbers, or simply paragraphs of classic Lorem Ipsum. every class has numerous subcategories thus you’ll create the information suit your wants.

CSS Peek

With this extension you’ll trace the definitions of CSS categories and ids in your stylesheets. after you right click on a selector in your hypertext markup language files, selecting the choices move to Definition and Peek definition can send you to the CSS code during which you’ve got titled them.

HTML Boilerplate

The hypertext markup language boilerplate extension can prevent from having to manually write the head and body tags of a new HTML document. Just type html top and body tags of a document. in empty file, hit the tab, and a clean document structure are going to be generated.


Prettier is that the preferred code formatter in internet dev at once. It permits your team’s code look a similar, notwithstanding WHO wrote it. This extension makes it doable to mechanically apply Prettier and quickly format whole JS and CSS documents. If you furthermore might need to throw ESLint within the combine, there’s is Prettier – Eslint.

Color Info

Small plugin that provides you numerous info concerning the colours you’ve got utilized in your CSS. By hovering on a color you’ll see a bigger preview of however it’s, further as data concerning its translation to any or all formats (hex, rgb, hsl, and cmyk).

SVG Viewer

This extension adds variety of utilities for operating with SVGs in Visual Studio Code. It makes it doable to render SVG files and see however they appear like while not having to depart the editor. There are choices for changing to PNG and generating information URI schemes.

TODO Highlight

This tool marks all TODO comments in your code, creating it easier to trace down any loose end before pushing to production. By default it’s for TODO and FIXME keywords however you’ll add your custom expressions likewise.

Icon Fonts

Tiny snippets for together with icon fonts in your project (from a CDN) then adding the icons themselves. The extension supports over twenty in style icon sets, together with Font awe-inspiring, Ionicons, Glyphicons, and Material style Icons.


Extension for minifying your code. It offers a ton of customization settings and the option to automatically minify on save and export to a .min file. Minify works with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML through uglify-js, clean-css, and html-minifier respectively.

Change Case

VSCode has restricted choices for reworking text. Out of the box it will solely do minuscule and majuscule transforms. This plugin adds a great deal additional commands for modifying strings, together with camelCase, kebab-case, snake_case, CONST_CASE, and others.

Regex Previewer

Useful tool for live testing your regular expressions. It works by applying the regex pattern over any document opened to the facet, highlight all the matches. kind of like RegExr however right within your editor!.


Language and Framework Packs

VSCode ships with support for an outsized range of languages. If for a few reason your programing language of alternative is not enclosed, you’ll be able to transfer associate degree extension pack which is able to add autocompletion, correct indentation, and different utilities. Some net dev frameworks like like react native and vue also offer language packs.


Of course, the foremost necessary of all extensions area unit the themes. you will be watching your VSCode editor daily, why not build it additional beautiful? There area unit loads of customization plugins that amendment the colour theme and therefore the icons within the sidebar. Here area unit a number of our favorites:

  • One Monolai
  • Aglia
  • One Dark
  • Material Icon

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