Nowadays all the companies are interested to hold the market of IOS and Android because they are smooth and successfully running platform all over the world having node js to make the solution of server-side development.

Node js is the most stable web application of Java-script based. HTML web page take min. 10 minutes to open pages where JavaScript and CSS files takes average 5 seconds.

Sometime underperformance and crashes occur in node js because of vulnerabilities and weak spots and rapid traffic fluctuations.

Here I discuss about the speed of Node-based web application:-

  • Run in Parallel:

To render the HTML page node.js application need to retrieve data for the dashboard. While rendering the dashboard of user it is important to make multiple internal API calls:

The user profile – getUserProfile().

The site list – getSiteList().

Subscriptions – getSubscriptions().

currnet site – getCurrentSite().

Notifications – getNotifications().

Application should make some API call to retrieve data. To achieve the aid we have to do something like:

  • Cache, Cache, Cache

Some variable data base connect the object for every year for permanent application. Most high use item can be catch for better performance.

  • Enable GZIP

Gzip compression browser can be used to static resource it might take longer for the browser to fetch it.

  • Use Client Side Rendering When Possible

Instead of using rendering application just expose APIs that send JSON responses to the client. Plain JSON can render the client side.

  • Use nginx in Front of Node

Nginx serve static file from Node. Nginx to improve the speed use to produce an aap.

  • Minify and Concatenate JavaScript

Speed of the application increase by minifying and concatenating multiple JS files into one. Tool like Grunt/Gulp helps to minify and concatenate files.


This article helps to improve the performance of Node.js application development. Especially on mobile, where CPU power, memory, rendering performance, latency and bandwidth are important for its application.

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