Whether you have upgraded your Node version already or are thinking about doing it soon, let’s discuss some of the things that this new version gives us!

What’s New?

There are many things to look forward to with this major release. A few exciting features are:

  • Diagnostic Reporting
  • V8 to V8 8.1
  • Updated Node Streams
  • Removal of Experimental Modules Warning

1)Diagnostic Reporting

One of the main functions of node 14 are the Diagnostic reviews. These reports are JSON- formatted statistics of process facts which encompass call stacks, running system facts, loaded modules, and different crucial records which can be formulated to support the present application.When things go incorrect on your app, like gradual overall performance or reminiscence leaks, it’s useful to have a full report on where issues are occurring. Even if our app were to crash, this document could have information on that as well. We can run this file in development, testing, or production.

Back while Node.Js v12 turned into released, diagnostic reporting became experimental. We now have it as a stable characteristic in this new version. As a stable function there could be one much less command-line choice needed to allow Diagnostic reports and it ought to be simpler for customers to permit it in manufacturing environments.

To run the report, run the following in your command line:

node –report-uncaught-exception –report-on-signal

–report-on-fatalerror app.js

2)V8 to V8 8.1

Highlights of the new JavaScript features include:

  • Optional Chaining
  • Nullish Coalescing
  • Intl.DisplayNames
  • Enables calendar and numberingSystem options for Intl.DateTimeFormat

The nullish coalescing operator looks like this: ??. The operator returns the outcomes of the expression to the right of the operator best while the expression to the left of it’s miles null or undefined. Otherwise, the results from the left expression are returned.

The new Intl.DisplayNames API allows programmers to display translated names of languages, regions, scripts, and currencies with ease.

3)Removal of Experimental Modules Warning

When running an ECMAScript Modules (ESM) in Node.Js, we would get an “Experimental Warning”. That caution has now been removed. ESM is JavaScript’s widespread module system. It helps with dealing with variables, organizing functions, and grouping things that might make sense in our code. To learn greater approximately this function, take a look at out the documentation.

ESM is the best module format way to its easy syntax, async nature, and tree-shakeability.

4)Updated Node Streams

Streams have not been recently added, however consistency has improved.As an example, http.OutgoingMessage is much like stream.Writable and net.Socket behaves precisely like stream.Duplex. A great alternate is that the `autoDestroy` alternative is now defaulted to true, making the stream continually call `_destroy` after ending.


1. Experimental Async Local Storage API

2. Experimental Web Assembly System Interface

Experimental Async local storage API

Node.Js 14 includes some other Experimental API called AsyncLocalStorage. The expectation is that this extra vast level API may also have a less complicated time getting the possibility to regular because it uncovered less internals and gives a much less complicated API. While numerous npm modules gave comparative usefulness, the troubles in preserving up and getting packages to utilize them in a far-reaching manner has added about an accord that an API should be given as a factor of Node.Js itself.

So what happens to the older versions?

Visit the official website for announcements

Quick! What are you waiting for? Update to the latest version of Node.Js and get your hands on the new exciting features…

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