In the year of 2009, Node.js made its introduction in the market. In April, version 14 is launched with the new features of diagnostics and a WebAssembly interface. It is replaced replace the node.js 13.

Node 14 Features & Improvements

Diagnostic Reports

This version can identify some defects in production such as-

  • Abnormally terminated products
  • Slow performance of the device
  • Memory leakage of storage
  • High uses of CPU
  • Unexpected error occurrence
  • Incorrect output

JavaScript Engine have to be updated

In Node.js 14, the V8 engine is updated to version 8.1.

Performance and Speed

This updates code to the engine to run fast.

Nullish Coalescing

It handles the default value.


It display translated names of languages, regions, scripts, and currencies etc.

Experimental Web Assembly Interface

Experimental Web assembly keep the security in mind.

Support for ECMAScript Modules

It is used for future model device.

Internationalization Support Expands in 2020

It interchange the test between Unicode and other character sets.

Experimental async local storage API

It is used to cover less amount of internal and less difficult API.

New compiler and platform minimums

It gives new platforms of various stages.


The current released of Node 14 with new features id ideal for testing and highlighting.

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