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ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript framework which is used to build web and mobile applications. Its simple model and higher performance has made it one of the most popular developer’s selections for creating JavaScript libraries.

React encourages developing reusable components that also render the server-aspect code using Node. The JavaScript library used in net improvement to construct interactive factors on websites, and that incorporates very right documentation.The latest version of React 16.13 was released in February,2020.It contains bugfixes and new deprecation warnings.

Let us look at some of the useful features:


In Strict Development Mode, React calls lifecycle strategies two times to remove unwanted consequences. This launch adds that behaviour to shouldComponentUpdate. This shouldn’t affect maximum code, unless you’ve got aspect outcomes in shouldComponentUpdate. To restore this, run the code with aspect results into componentDidUpdate.

The warnings for usage of the legacy context API didn’t encompass the stack for the factor that induced the warning. This launch adds the lacking stack to the warning.

ReactDOM is adds it back.This is not recommended however it’s useful when debugging issues with mismatching / multiple versions of ReactDOM on the same page.

OnMouseEnter now doesn’t trigger on disabled elements.


  • Warnings for some updates during render

It is vital for a React component to now not reason any headaches in other additives all through rendering. During render, any setState call can be supported simplest if it is for the same issue.

If the setState is called for a different element all through a render, a caution comes up which asks you to now not refresh a component from inside the feature frame of an alternate element. This warning can help you word utility bugs due to unintentional nation changes.

  • Warnings for conflicting style rules

Dynamically making use of a fashion that includes longhand and shorthand variations of CSS properties, can give you a particular aggregate of updates that can purpose inconsistent styling.

  • Warnings for some deprecated string refs

Old Legacy API named String Refs is pulled down in React latest version and will in addition process in the direction of deprecation.

An automatic script can be provided in the destiny named “codemod” that allows you to migrate away from String Refs. In instances while ones the use of the sooner version of react and want to replace to the brand new version, all they have to do is convert all componentWill to UNSAFE_componentWill, with the help of a simple command.

npx react-codemod rename-unsafe-lifecycles.


React.createFactory is a helper for creating React elements. The 16.13 release adds a deprecation warning to the method. It will be removed in a future major version.

However, this will be replaced with regular JSX. You can copy and paste the below codeto resolve the issue.

Let createFactory = type => React.createElement.bind(null, type)

Deprecating ReactDOM.unstable_createPortal in favor of ReactDOM.createPortal which became an officially supported API.

Experimental Improvements:

  • Scheduler

Scheduler is added to react due to the fact they need to enhance queue performance through switching its internal facts shape to a min binary heap. Till now, you can usepostMessage loop with short intervals rather than trying to align to frame boundaries with requestAnimationFrame.

  • Concurrent mode

The concurrent mode allows React apps to live responsive and gracefully modify to the consumer’s tool capacities in addition to community speed. One can take a look at react fiber in order to understand approximately this new function implementation. In Concurrent Mode, rendering isn’t always blocking. It is interruptible. This improves the consumer experience. It also unlocks new functions that weren’t viable before.

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