Smartphone and tablets are going popular for their software and operating system. So every operating system requires different technologies, design and architecture patterns for specify customer problem and their solution. The MVC, MVP, and MVVM are the most popular design pattern where MVC stands for model view controller, MVC stands for Model View Presenter, and MVVM stands for Model view view-model. This is called Architecture.

  • Why do we need architecture?

We should use architecture because of proper coding and decreasing number of bugs.

  • Architecture Patterns

MVC, MVP & MVVM are some popular architecture patterns used for mobile & web app development.

  • Model

It contain proper application data which deal with proper data processing.

  • View

It represent model data to customer where they can perform their activity.

  • Controller

It is the most important part of the controller because it is decision maker and work between viewer and the model.

  • Advantages of MVC Architecture

It accelerate the design to the customer and make the web page SEO friendly.

  • Disadvantages of MVC Architecture

The framework is complex because it made by complex layer.

The pattern is divided into three parts Model, View, and Presenter.

  • Model

It contains data that that describe business logic.

  • View

It contain small classes that control changes.

  • Presenter

It handle UI Updates that change the data model.

  • Advantages of MVP Architecture

It introduce multiple layer of abstraction and keep business logic separate.

  • Disadvantages of MVP Architecture

Highly unpredictable and absorb information.

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