COVID-19 ‘s unfold has brought about some great adjustments and tendencies in how we work, how we communicate with society and within the technology we use. Let’s have a look at how advances in generation are evolving as a reaction to the most important epidemic in a century.

Robots to monitor Social Distance

Robot dog enforces social distancing in Singapore park.A robot canine is patrolling considered one of Singapore’s parks as a part of coronavirus-related trial.The gadget – made with the aid of US-based Boston Dynamics – is equipped with a digicam to screen how busy Bishan-Ang Moh Kio Park becomes.It also includes a loudspeaker to broadcast social-distancing messages.

Here is an interesting story of an innovative Indian Engineer

As long, jostling queues formed outside liquor shops in India during the easing of a coronavirus lockdown, Karthik Velayutham observed a manner to preserve social distancing — by way of constructing a robot to buy him.

The humble device — a cardboard field resting on a 4-wheel wooden platform — took the computer engineer days to make and value Rs. 3,000 rupees.

But it’s miles performing a essential activity for its writer at a time when social interactions deliver the risk of catching the coronavirus that has infected extra than four million human beings and killed over 297,000 worldwide.

QR code and Tracking Apps

Individuals are provided with a state-issued QR code in green (healthy), yellow (viable publicity) or purple (extremely in all likelihood the person changed into uncovered to COVID).

The color of your QR code is primarily based upon your travels and your exposures to individuals who are confirmed to have COVID-19. These QR codes ought to be displayed as you travel, go to shops and carry out other everyday tasks. If you have a pink QR code, for instance, you won’t be accepted to visit a specific shop or travel. These QR codes allow for a totally sophisticated, high-tech version of touch tracing too.

The apps developed by Apple and Google and by means of the collaboration of researchers at MIT and other institutions rely on short-variety Bluetooth alerts, further to Apple’s “Find My” characteristic for finding lost gadgets. Each telephone could automatically save a list of nameless alerts it has “overheard” from other nearby phones; while anyone is recognized with COVID-19, they might add the listing on their telephone to a database. The apps would then alert the alternative users who recently came into contact with that person.

Proximity Trace Personal Monitoring Devices

Companies throughout America and beyond are leveraging a clever personal display called Proximity Trace, which data personnel’ moves and beeps if individuals come within six feet of every other.

What’s extra, these devices actually document the movements of personnel in a manner that simplifies touch tracing in the occasion that a crew member is diagnosed with COVID-19. If an character had been to get sick, the business enterprise could use Proximity Trace software to decide exactly who changed into within close proximity of the COVID-fine employee. This clever COVID era innovation also permits a commercial enterprise to identify device and machinery that would require cleaning following publicity to a sick individual.

Non-contact thermometers

Infrared thermometers or non- contact thermometers are gaining popularity these days due to their advantages. You can measure body temperature with out bringing the device in contact. So, the probabilities of contamination and transferable diseases mechanically get reduced. Hitachi has been main the percent in phrases of COVID-19 era innovations, as the company has launched a tool that as it should be measures body temperature from a distance of 10 ft away.

Automated handwashing monitoring:

One among the most effective ways of stopping the spread of this disease, and others is washing one’s arms for at the least 20 seconds in accordance with CDC guidelines. 3-D lidar technologies, mixed with laptop imaginative and prescient and system learning , can discover ways to detect correct handwashing behavior. Because 3-d lidar is the use of a factor cloud of lasers, it is not designed to capture personally identifying information.

Robot Doctors

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