In the situation of COVID 19 the whole world suffering from same worries and fear. In this situation many workers start working from home. But here is a good news that we have the resources, the technology, and the tools to keep working and innovating if we’re required to stay quarantined. Remote work is a challenge to create business opportunities. Here are the few tips for remote working:

1. Over-Communication (and Listening) Is Everything

The first and obvious disruption to the average work routine is communication between team members and supervisors.

2. Allow for Remote Innovation: Be a Virtual Design-Thinker

There are five thinking process:

  • Empathize
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • Test

Empathize: It helps the audience togather potential ideas, notice unforeseen issues and unfilled niches, and obtain as much information as possible for the development of your product.

Define: After gathering sufficient information from the audience it would better to deal with them.

Ideate: Pre-existing assumptions helps to solve your customers’ needs.

Prototype: Creating a prototype helps to reduce workload.

Test: Testing is important for approaching the products.

3. Invest in Reliable Tech

Start off by making a most relevant tech helps your team that will facilitate them for their job and deliver accordingly.

4. Stress the Importance of Having a Dedicated Workspace

Setting up a physical space specifically for performing job duties helps to stay focused and organized

5. Be Transparent

Transparency implement honesty and builds trust within the team for long-term success.

6. Take the Time to Bring Your Team Together

When your team feels scattered to the wind, your need to an effective productive schedule for accumulate them.


The things mentioned above is needed for overcoming these challenges. Hope, when the few months this crisis will over, we should take the experience we’ve gained from this event to run behind a stronger goal.

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