Lightning Decision Jams: Solve Any Business Problem in an Hour

What is Design Thinking?

It is a process of solving problem with a human-centered core and giving practical solution.

What are Design Sprints?

A design sprint is a four-phase process or workshop that serves the following purpose-

· Uses it for prototype

· test digital product ideas quickly in a matter of days

What are the Benefits of Implementing LDJs?

An LDJ cuts out unnecessary discussion and replace it with a rapid creation of solution ideas and voting for the best one.

LDJs in 9 Easy Steps:

1. Brainstorm problems (7 minutes)

2. Present problems (4 minutes per person)

3. Select problems to solve (6 minutes)

4. Reformat problems as challenges (6 minutes)

5. Produce solutions (7 minutes)

6. Vote on solutions (10 minutes)

7. Prioritize solutions (30 seconds)

8. Decide executable solutions (10 minutes)

9. Turn executable solutions into actionable tasks (5 minutes)

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